Primarily that fundamental law of economics, supply and demand, controls prices of roadster parts. Many, many parts are extremely short supply and command premium prices. Others are stocked in large numbers so the prices are reasonable. We will do our best to see that prices fairly reflect the current supply and demand for the parts.

All prices shown are per each part. IF the parts list says that four are required, then you must multiply the price times four to get the total. Some items are supplied in sets. Set prices are denoted with the term "SET".

It is difficult to keep every item at a current price and prices are subject to change. If you receive an item that is priced differently from what you expected, we are sorry. We will make every effort to tell you when a price has changed, but we are not infallible. You may find some of our prices are lower than other suppliers, or maybe higher. We price all items based on our costs which vary; just rest assured that the items you receive from us will be the best quality available at a fair price.

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